Piezoquartz is founded in 1990 as a company specialized in production of quartz crystals. The company becomes a symbol of fast and quality deliveries and its production is well known in Italy, Germany, Greece,USA, Canada and even China.
At the same time the company develops the production of quartz blanks meeting even the highest requirements of the military purpose devices.In cooperation with the German company Flucon Fluid Control Piezoquartz developed and started manufacturing quartz transducers for sensors used in the automotive industry.
Thanks to its unique equipment and machinery Piezoquartz also operates in the field of optics. The most demanded products are polished cylinder details and lenses, flat-parallel polished blanks 4 micron thick, thin metal film deposited blanks etc.
The company participates in different scientific projects together with scientists and experts from Sofia University, Bulgarian Academy of Science, University of Chemical technology and Metallurgy in Sofia etc.
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