Recently Piezoquartz developed its research and production activity in the field of optics. The company has patented a technology for production of cylinder form details that guarantees accuracy of 1 micron.

The quality of the flat-parallel polished blanks is very high and
technology guaranteed.

  The company offers vacuum deposition of metal and dielectric coatings for optics applications.
  The reflection parameters depend on the laid metal: cheapest and most popular is Aluminum with reflection about 88-92% of the visible spectrum. Silver has a bigger reflection coefficient 95-99% even in the infrared spectrum but is not appropriate for short-wave spectrum applications. Gold has excellent reflection 98-99%in wide spectrum range from about 550nm to the far-infrared spectrum.
  Other basic coatings are the dielectric coatings made of dielectrics having refractive indexdifferent from the refractive index of the blank. The coatings are laid in BALZERS vacuum installations for cathode sputtering and thermal evaporation which guarantees excellent adhesion.



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